Heat Treatment Solutions for Metals and Ceramics:

High Performance Vacuum Furnaces for 3D Printing

Vacuum furnace with chiller PEERENERGY

In connection with the ongoing development in production of application- and cost-optimized metal components, the use of 3D printers is becoming increasingly important.

In particular those companies being active in the field of aerospace, energy, medical and automotive industries are investing heavily in research and development of additive manufacturing technologies, in order to gain more design freedom and thus to improve components with regards to strength, weight and cost (the latter by shortening the process chain).

Metallic materials, which are difficult to machine and which are cost-effectively used to manufacture components by 3D printing, are diverse. Among the most important and most commonly used are: 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, Inconel 625, AlSl 316L, Inconel 718, Hastelloy x, Ti-6Al-4V, CoCrMo, AlSi10Mg, ….

Products manufactured by Additive Manufacturing Technique (3D printing – SLM „Selective Laser Melting“ – Electron Beam Melting, etc.) using above addressed demanding materials always require a material-specific heat treatment post printing. Only by proper heat treatment the final product’s desired mechanical and application specific properties can become achieved.

vacuum furnace PEERENERGYThe HT vacuum furnace series was designed and built especially for this area. This series of state-of-the-art furnaces represents the currently most advanced product on the market for thermal treatment post 3D metal printing.

All post additive manufacturing heat treatment processes such as: stabilization annealing, solution heat treatment, aging under vacuum, nitrogen or argon inert gas as well as special processes such as recrystallization annealing and β-annealing of Ti-6Al-4V can be performed. High and consistent quality is guaranteed for all the above materials.

The HT furnace series excellently suits to the heat treatment of small parts from conventional production and for austenitizing under vacuum with subsequent low-distortion, high-pressure gas quenching of all kind of, for instance,  tool steels. The furnaces are also available in versions for precision high temperature vacuum brazing of the above alloys with ceramics using precious metal filler materials.

If you are interested in further information about the HT product or about any other of our vacuum furnaces, then please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to explain the furnaces and their benefits in detail to you.


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