TRIBO/C first-class centrifugal surface finishing machines

Our compact centrifugal surface finishing machines can be used in the wet and dry sliding process, ranging from aggressive grinding to super-finishing (up to Ra 0.001 μm). Due to the combination of standard sizes and various custom-made products in a tailor-made design of construction and technology, both the machining of small components and very large components is possible.

TRIBO surface grinding and finishing PEERENERGY

Because of the use of special centrifugal drives, small to medium batches as well as large batches can be processed in runtimes of 30 to 120 minutes at up to 400 rpm.

For deburring, polishing, grinding, smoothing even sensitive and complex workpieces, soft or hard materials, the components are placed in one of the containers.TRIBO surface grinding and finishing PEERENERGY

In order to meet the machine’s claim to the zero-tolerance risk of component damage, a separation unit has been designed for small to medium-sized components. Large components are attached to custom fixtures.

Each container can be equipped with different grinding bodies and compound. The component processing can thus be carried out in various stages in a single centrifugal system. Compared to the classic drum systems, the cycle time can be reduced by 20- to 50-fold. It should be emphasized that the systems also achieve very good results with demanding to process materials, such as titanium.


Example of 3D-printed surfaces

The parts  made from 316L stainless steel were shaped by using a binder jetting process with a 3D printer from Digital Metal® c / o Höganäs AB. The debind and sintering process was carried out with a MetalMerger system.

Digital Metal® MetalMerger PEERENERGY

Roughness information on the processed 3D printed surfaces

before ( as sintered)
Ra 5 µm 0,3 µm
Rz 22 µm
1,5 µm
Rt 27 µm
2,5 µm


Digital Metal® MetalMerger PEERENERGY

Our experience with these parts has shown that one is usually with one or two processes, depending on the component, roughness and material composition at the goal of his expectations.

A wet process with ceramic media for grinding (reduction of roughness) as well as a wet process with plastic media for grinding were tested. In addition, a wet process was also carried out with ceramic media for the gloss finish for the production of surface gloss.

Grinding media and compound

Grinding media: as varied and different as each individual part to processed

TRIBO/C first-class centrifugal surface finishing machines grinding media PEERENERGY

Deburring, grinding, finishing, polishing, smoothing, cylinder, triangle, ball, cone, nuggets, made of plastic or ceramic, coarse or fine grinding, compound and desiccant.

Grinding is one of the most diverse and demanding segments in surface treatment. First of all, simply and logically sounding, one soon realizes that there are a multitude of different grinding media, just as diverse as each individual field of application. In order to obtain optimum results using “centrifugal grinding” finishing technique, all parameters, system technology, grinding medium, dry or wet process and compound must be coordinated.

It is rarely possible to deduce from experience exactly which media can be used for a specific result. The details make the difference! Type and nature of the workpiece to be machined, subsequent machining processes and the final use of the produced part.

Particularities of our equipment, grinding media and services:

• Media are specially adapted to the centrifugal systems
• Plastic cone unique in the composition and mode of action
• Media especially for the field of medical technology with extremely high purity
• We can also offer very small media (from 0.5 mm)
• Depending on the application, media selection, coarse/fast grinding to high gloss finish
• Media with a very high specific weight to achieve very good results even with small media
• Shape of the media.

Unique is the nugget shape, for instance, our Triangle media, which are cut obliquely. Special attention is paid to a clear and uniform cut, so that the edges are very sharpedged. Result: fast and uniform machining, long service life, very good results, especially for small workpieces


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