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Thermische Nachverbrennung PEERENERGYthermal post combustion PEERENERGYThermal Post Combustion

Add-on systems for the thermal post combustion of waste gases

On the basis of your details we can configure a thermal post combustion system to match your furnace and process. The following details are required for the configuration:

  • Chemical analysis of the waste gas
  • Maximum waste gas flow in Nm3/h at the exit out of the furnace
  • Minimum exiting temperature in °C
  • Maximum exiting temperature in °C
  • Local statutory regulations for waste gas emissions and the harmful substances and their maximums contained therein

We configure the afterburning unit based on the above-mentioned parameters and thus ensure the safety and long service life of the furnace. If desired, all systems can be supplied with set-up and commissioning.


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