Spares for furnaces

thermocouples PEERENERGY spares

Temperature Sensors up to 3000°C

Thermocouples with compensation cable, Sliding Thermocouple, Pyrometer, Reference Pyrometer Assemblies and other related spares.

heating elements PEERENERGY sparesHeating Elements

High performance heating elements, helical heating elements and meander heating elements as spares in different versions for different temperatures.

ceramic tubes PEERENERGY sparesCeramic tubes up to 1800 °C

Ceramic tubes up to 120 mm interior diameter and up to 2000 mm in length …

ceramic fibre thermal insulation PEERENERGY sparesHeatings Chamber materials up to 3000 °C

Ceramic fibre mats, ceramic fibre slabs, graphite fibre mats, graphite fibre slabs, refractory bricks, graphite and SiC components and other furnace spares.


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