Solution treatment furnace

Solution treatment furnace

For solution annealing and water quench of 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, 316L, …

Post sintering, the mechanical properties of the above-mentioned metals generally do not yet meet the required properties of the application. To adjust the microstructure with respect to higher yield strength, the sintered components often have to undergo a solution annealing and water quenching process. Post water quenching, an ageing process takes place at certain temperatures and for a certain duration. By means of this heat treatment, the component can be adjusted to the application with regard to yield strength and elongation.

PEER Energy Solution Treatment Furnaces

The furnace can also be used for the oxidation-free annealing of wires, sheets, castings and all products made from precious alloys.

For the ageing process we too can offer suitable furnaces.

Contact us! Together with you, we analyze your process and capacity requirements and select the most suitable furnace solution for your component geometry and the material flow in your production.


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