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recooling plants PEERENERGYRecooling Plants

Water or glycol recooling plants for the safe cooling of your furnace

We merely require a few details so as to correctly configure the recooling plant for you:

  • Climatic conditions at the site of operation: Maximum ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Heat loss of your furnace at maximum operating temperature in kVA and kW
  • Heating up energy of the empty furnace from room temperature to maximum operating temperature in kVAh and kWh
  • Maximum gross batch weight with type of material of the workpieces and the batching means
  • Shortest cooling time from maximum operating temperature to unloading temperature
  • Shortest cycle time: Time from loading to unloading of the furnace

The furnace cycle is preferably to be conducted as a closed circuit as this reduces the furnace downtimes and increases the service life of the furnace. We configure the recooling plant based on the above-mentioned parameters and thus ensure the safety and the long service life of the furnace.


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