Peripherals and accessories for smooth operation of your heat treatment plant

Recooling Plants

Water or glycol recooling plants for the safe cooling of your furnace …

Charging racks and fixtures

Charging racks made from heat resistant steel alloy for charging aircraft landing gear parts made from 300 M material.

retorts PEERENERGYRetorts

Retorts out of graphite, molybdenum or tungsten serve to separate the batch from the heating chamber. We supply retorts to meet all construction sizes …

methanol supply plant PEERENERGYMethanol Supply

Safe and monitored methanol supply. Very uniform and constant supply of liquid methanol to the furnace’s gas panel for generation of an uniform furnace atmosphere.

thermal post combustion unit PEERENERGYThermal Post Combustion

Add-on systems for the thermal post combustion of waste gases …

catalytic waste gas purification PEERENERGY

Catalytic Waste Gas Purification

Systems for catalytic purification of waste gases. Also available as retrofit kits for your existing furnace.

degreasing agents for hardening shops PEERENERGY

Degreasing agents for hardening shops

Efficient degreasing agents for the aqueous cleaning of work pieces before and after heat treatment.


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