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Methanol Supply Plants

In connection with hardening and case-hardening of steels, the heat treatment furnace is continuously purged with carrier gas. The carrier gas usually consists of 20 vol% CO + 40 vol% H2 + 38 vol% N2 + <1% CO2 and the rest CH4. Thus, the carrier gas has a base level of carbon potential of Cp 0.2 %.

There are several ways to make a carrier gas for a uniform furnace atmosphere. In addition to the production of endogas via an endogas generator, the direct injection of methanol due to low investment costs and due to process advantages is increasingly in demand.

In the case of methanol supply, care should be taken to ensure that the plant supplies liquid methanol to the furnace uniformly and that the plant monitors itself to avoid interruption of the supply.

methanol supply plant PEERENERGY

We design the methanol supply based on your requirements and supply plants for safe and uninterrupted furnace operation.


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