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Charging racks and fixtures

Charging racks made from heat resistant steel alloys

Charging racks made from heat resistant steel alloy for charging aircraft landing gear parts made from 300 M material. The addressed parts become austenitized in AMS 2750 E furnace class 2 atmosphere furnaces and quenched in large volume oil quench tanks.

Charging racks and fixtures PEERENERGY

Charging racks made from carbon fibre composites (CFC)

CFC charging racks are used, for instance, in high-vacuum furnaces for solution annealing of Nibase alloys. The strength and dimensional stability of the CFC racks at high temperatures is excellent. The charging rack shown is used for the heat treatment of diffusers from aircraft turbines, so that the heat treatment can be carried out without deformations on the parts loaded on the rack. Heat-resistant steel charging racks are not suitable for this type of application, because of their relatively high degree of distortion at high temperatures.

charging racks and fixtures PEERENERGY


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