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Catalytic Waste Gas Purification PEERENERGY

Catalytic Waste Gas Purification

Retrofit system for catalytic purification of waste gases

Based on your waste gas data we can offer you a suitable catalytic waste gas purification system. The following information are necessary to prepare a proposal:

  • Chemical analysis of your waste gas
  • Maximum waste gas flow rate in Nm3/h at the exit port of the furnace
  • Minimum waste gas outlet temperature in °C
  • Maximum waste gas outlet temperature in °C
  • Local statutory regulations for waste gas emissions and the harmful substances and their maximums contained therein

The following list shows the limits for some substances that can occur as catalyst poisons. Exceeding the limits causes poor cleaning performance of the catalysts and results in a loss of warranty.


Exhaust gas ingredients and their maximum concentration

As and As-compounds: 0,01 mg/Nm3
P2O5 and organic P-compounds: 0,01 mg/Nm3
SiO2: 0,01 mg/Nm3
Pb and Zn: 0,1 mg/Nm3
Hg and Cd: 0,1 mg/Nm3
Hydroflouric acid and fluor-compounds: 1,0 mg/Nm3
Alkaline earth metal and compounds: 1,0 mg/Nm3
Alkaline earth: 5,0 mg/Nm3
Hydrochloric acid and chloride: 100 mg/Nm3
Organic Si-compounds and siloxane: 1,0 mg/Nm3

If one of these values is exceeded, then we rather recommend a thermal post combustion unit as an alternative solution. On request, we supply all equipment including installation and commissioning service.


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