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PEER Energy GmbH serves you with expertise in the technical and commercial analysis of investments in thermal-process systems, machines and accessories. Our objective is to understand your wants and needs and the basic technical and commercial requirements connected therewith, in order to select or to develop the most efficient system solution being the best match to your needs.

Our core business is the composition of systems and machines for thermal and thermo-chemical treatment of metals, technical ceramics, metal matrix composites and emerging materials to build an efficient heat treatment system which is tailored to your application. With more than 20 years of international project experience we can be your competent partner and thus provide the basis for a reliable cooperation turning your investment into a business success.

Our strategy is based on the application and extension of expert knowledge as well as “sustainable” dynamics of our global business activities. In turn, the resulting income is invested in the continuous improvement of our employees, products and services in a sustainable and target-oriented manner.

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Equipment & heat treatment processes for industrial applications:

  • Material, component and application specific heat treatment solutions,
  • Heat treatment processes for components of metals or (and) technical ceramics,
  • Inert gas atmosphere furnaces, vacuum furnaces, reaction gas atmosphere furnaces and high temperature furnaces (> 2200 °C).

We would be pleased to send you our detailed presentations, concerning application oriented solutions.


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